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Residential Calling Features from Grand Telephone Company

Feature Description Price per mo.
Anonymous Call Rejection This feature tells callers who have blocked their number from your Caller ID, that you don’t accept anonymous calls. $1.00
Automatic Callback Outgoing calls - If the number you just called is busy, your phone will redial the number in 30 minutes. $3.00
Call Return Incoming Calls - If you sometimes must ignore calls, this feature will call back for 30 minutes the last number that called you. $3.00
Blocking Features Grand Telephone provides various blocks designed to prevent unwanted, costly calls. Blocks called can be placed on a number to prevent 1-900 calls , International calls, collect calls and third-party calls. Free
Call Forward Forward calls when away from home or work. $2.00
Call Forward if busy/Don't Answer Forward calls when the main line is busy. Forward calls to another number, after a set number of rings, if no answer at main number.
Call Forward Remote Access Remote access allows you to forward calls anywhere in the nation from almost any touchtone phone. As your location changes, so can the number to which you forward your calls.

Note: Calls forwarded to a long distance number will incur long distance charges
Call Waiting Don't miss important calls when you're on the telephone. $2.00
Caller ID Number Displays Number of incoming call only. $5.95
CallerID Number & Name Displays Name and Number of incoming call. $11.90 - 50¢ discount for two features $11.40
Conference Calling Add a third person to personal/business calls. Speeds up planning meetings or holidays $2.00
Customer Originated Trace Harassing telephone calls can be traced, and the number then provided to the police department. $4.00
Maintenance Plans Sign up in advance for Grand's residential or business maintenance plans. This relates to inside wiring, jacks and service charges. $2.00
Non-Published Number Your telephone number as a non-published number and it will not be published in Grand Telephone's annual telephone directory. $1.00
Selective Call Acceptance Pick and choose whose calls you'll accept by programming numbers onto your list. When the service is on, you will only get calls from those on your list. $3.00
Selective Call Forwarding Program in the numbers you want forwarded to another location. If a caller is on your list, their calls will be forwarded. Other calls will ring as usual. $3.00
Selective Call Rejection If your getting nuisance calls from a particular number, program it into your rejection list. When the service is on, numbers on your rejection list will not ring through. $3.00
Special Circuits Ensure that your business has a dedicated transmission path for data transfer. Used by schools, banks, or physicians' offices, it suits firms that need to send data between two or more designated locations. Call for pricing
Speed Dial 8 Save time dialing frequently-dialed local or long distance numbers. Program and dial up to eight numbers in response to a one-digit code. $2.00
Teen Service Teen service provides two phone numbers to the same line. Your teen's ring will be two short rings and yours will be a normal ring. $4.00
Toll Restriction with Pin Override Each time you make a long distance call, you will first dial your four-digit PIN. Only those who know the PIN can make long distance calls on your telephone. $4.00
Voice Mail/Call Forward Let Voice Mail catch your messages and never miss an important call again. $2.50